Justice League: War

If you need more reasons to dislike the New 52 then watch this film. DC comic's reimagining of themselves is pretty dull. Perhaps I'm tainted by the fact that I HATE the new costumes, and am not sure why Cyborg has been added to be the minority representative. The plot is the straightforward alien invasion, which doesn't mean much as long as you have strong characters, but there was very little to them, especially if you are new to the players. Everyone seems too much of a jokester made much worse by far too overt flirtation (all between the one female character), couple this with the voice actor for the Batman just not working and the ludicrous idea of making Superman a complete jerk. I will say that they did a fine job with Wonder Woman, making her rather hilarious without any slapstick. Overall a disappointing film that isn't as funny as it tried to be and too reliant on the Marvel comic's method of "we're a team, but we're not friends."