The Annihilation event: Annihilation Book Three

Why did Paul get the hard cover of this trade? Regardless, I glad he lent it to me. This collection is set up the opposite of the first two in that it starts out very strong before it gets boring. From the very beginning we are deep in the Annihilation Wave as various races and beings (mainly Kree) are attempting to slow the destruction of Annihilus and his Negative Zone troops (if you didn't know this by now, it's because you aren't going to be reading the series. Besides, just look at the cover.). It is very action packed and exciting; however, the second half of the book was far too rushed, unbelievable (based on earlier events, not because I believe in this type of sci-fi), and left an unsatisfying "conclusion" turning the second half of the book into mediocre aftermath tales. The idea that the Negative Zone is invading because they actually feel they are being destroyed by our universe (well, some of them do) is a great angle and not utilized. Also, if cosmic energy is part of Annihilus's plan, how come he didn't have a means of using it on his own? Seems like a major invasion flaw to allow for a lucky alliance to fill in the gap for the key part of your objective. Then again, how many wars did we fight of late where we seemed to be missing vital strategic elements?