The Plain Janes - Cecil Castellucci

I loved this comic! Well, until it just randomly stopped. It's a great story about a girl that is moved out of the city after a bombing which puts a boy into a coma. She reinvents herself and joins up with a group of outcast girls, all named Jane, and forms a group dedicated to spreading random acts of art: PLAIN-People Loving Art In Neighborhoods (a group I would love to serve if it only could exist). Lots of interesting characters and solid writing. However, the comic just comes to an end, perhaps with the idea of another or continuing issues, but I realize that Minx comics is an imprint of DC, apparently trying to cash in on the girl market that they have shunned for so long, so I guess it is as dead as all the other titles I read from Minx. Pity, the world is small for it.