The Annihilation event: Annihilation Book Two

It's a new year and I'm keeping the resolution of reviewing the Annihilation event. Once again the collection starts slow as the heralds of the planet eater, Galactus, are being hunted. The hunters are kind of stupid, but it is neat to get the heralds under one title. Why does the Annihilation Wave seek Galactus and his brood? That might be unimportant compared to the fact that two cosmic beings are now free and also seeking him. And what does the death worshiper Thanos have to do with all this? (We still won't know that even after this collection.) The best parts come in the second half of this trade as we follow the Superskrull as he attempts to defend the remains of the Skrull empire (haven't they suffered enough?) by taking the battle to the enemy. I did feel this part was too fast as a character seems to shift in mentality far to quickly and others are not given the background to really make them of interest. The other part, while a bit of a mess through too many characters, is great fun as we follow the Kree, Ronan The Accuser, in his attempt to clear his name (of a crime he didn't commit, yes cliched but it really works) and dish out justice in true Kree fascism.