X-Men: Days of Future Past

I greatly enjoyed this movie that is vaguely based on a comic book I read as a kid and that takes place in a future dystopia. Just to make me feel old, the time of that dystopia is now (they pushed it back some for the movie). The idea is that Sentinels, robots designed to hunt mutants, are really hunting just about everyone and have evolved to the point of being unstoppable. The last surviving mutants send the mind of one of their own into his past body in order to warn mutants to what is about to occur and erase the future before it ever takes place. Naturally, such things are much easier said than done, and they weren't very easy to say to begin with. Action-packed and filled with paradoxes and pathos, this is a must see movie on the big screen, which of course I did not do, so failing that, go and watch it anyway as all comic book and especially X-Men fans will love it. Of course, it does cause a problem as X-Men fans will greatly enjoy it, while your average audience member will have no idea about the back stories, various plots that are referred to (or that are taking place), and even less about the various inside jokes and cameos (there is even a nod to the first Thor movie just to muddy things more). It is tricky to make a movie that can only really be fully appreciated by the fan-base and expect it to do well. While I am all for accessible superhero movies, I do like the idea of an occasional one dedicated to those of us that are in the know, so to speak.