Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: Donner Dinner Party - Nathan Hale

There is definitely good work here in this fun comic designed to teach kids about history and get them interested in learning. The art is cute and realistic enough to show what is needed and there is plenty of detailed factual information to support the comic. I like the work enough to have my local library hunt down other titles in this series (the author shares the name of a famous, heroic, American and the stories (or at least this one) are done by having Hale, at the gallows, tell the (future) events to his executioners), my trouble--again, at least with this one--is that this tale is filled with tragedy, yet, since its designed for younger readers, there are lots of jokes and flippant remarks. It is very difficult to interject lightheartedness in the face of horror and, unfortunately, I don't think the balance succeeds fully. I was also rather angry, in a personal way, that Hale jokes that it was a team of babies that did the research for the work. If this is a work for young people, do you really feel it is a good idea to imply that research can be done by a bunch of babies?!