The Adventures of Tintin & Tintin: Inside Herge's Cartoon Archives

This is the movie version of the Tintin adventure The Secret of the Unicorn, which was the first, and perhaps my favorite, Tintin adventure comic. Tintin written by the racists Herge, is about a journalist in about the 1930s of the same name (and by journalist I apparently mean someone who never writes anything down), with his super clever dog, who is friends with twin dimwitted detectives and goes (or maybe gets sucked into) adventures, solving various mysteries. In this one he teams up with a drunken sea captain to hunt down lost treasure and right ancient wrongs. I found the stories likable as a kid although I haven't read any for a long time, and actually thought the film was pretty good and pretty accurate to the comic, up until about 45 minutes in when the fun, silly aspects turned to pointlessly ridiculous. I also feel the comic illustration is superior to the strange CGI animation being done here--presumable many agree as I've heard of no other films attempting this style, or more to the point, any additional Tintin movies under production. Oh, well, there are always the comics.  I'm adding  a quick review of an equally quick film about the history of Tintin and Herge as I think it is important to know "little" things such as a Chinese man named Chang, who would show up in one of his comics, was the person who really taught Herge how to draw (and via him, half of Europe's comic artists) and to take the Tintin comics into a more developed story line. This really was very enlightening for only 25 minutes!