Captain Philips

I knew all about this story from a TV documentary about it, so I was in a position to poke holes in the whole thing, such as non-existant relations that developed over the course of the movie between characters, but you have to understand that it is a film and certain plot developments are considered needed. In sum, the story is about a captain (named Philips if you can believe it) that has his cargo vessel hijacked by Somali pirates. It's interesting to see how hostage situations can deteriorate when a group of poorly trained individuals with guns and drugs are met with a situation beyond their control. I would like to know more about the details on how various parties implement tactics based on training and situations, and the movie does give some of this, but not enough to make me understand the hows and whys. Probably too long of a film, although very interesting at points, and took longer than portrayed on film, which I think undermined the story and why I suggest you look at the documentary (perhaps instead of?). It really annoyed me that the subtitles were so small. As an aside, it is interesting that the US will spend millions on an operation to rescue one man--and I am not saying they shouldn't!--but the idea of spending a faction of that price to save the lives of poor America is considered insane.