Hawkeye (vol 1-2): My Life as a Weapon & Little Hits - Matt Fraction

Last summer I read some other Hawkeye comics and wasn't thrilled with them. They focused on the Avenger aspect of this crime fighting master of the bow and arrow. These collections deal with Hawkeye more as just a guy who happens to also be an Avenger--and a non-super-powered one at that. With very stylized art from David Aja and some clever, funny (the "hey, bro!" gang), and interesting work from Fraction, I have to say this was the better of the directions to take a Hawkeye comic in. Mostly low key stuff, but a great deal of fun. I do have to report that the last issue just fell apart as no one seems to care about a dead character and Fraction got too clever with his artistic expression, so I had difficulty grasping motivation for the direction the story went in. (Yes, I know that is vague, but it is to avoid spoilers and because I didn't fully grasp what was happening (see earlier sentence.))