The Lovely Horrible Stuff - Eddie Campbell

Yes, he's talking about money. The artist/writer discusses problems he has with fiscal issues, understanding then, talking about them, dealing with them, making more/less of them, etc. and how money tends to mess up a person's (with the key example being himself) life and the lives of those around you. It is, at times, a very interesting tale, mixing what I assume is autobiographical information with historical accounts--mainly the Yap stones (you probably heard about the giant stone disks that were used by a community in the South Pacific as a form of currency). The trouble is that too often I find myself asking what the heck is going on (made worse by his very stylized narrative and lettering, and far too much time on the Yap stones--it's not the focus of the story!) rather than relating to what should be a very easy subject to relate to: money troubles.