Misplaced (vol. 1): Somewhere Under The Rainbow - Josh Blaylock

So the incredibly cliched picture of the impossible hot teenage girl, Alyssa, all punked out, learning forward in that porn star/I'm just a tough girl attitude pose should have been warning enough. Yes, this is about a rebellious girl (who is stronger, faster, smarter than everyone) who makes new--also rebellious--friends as she tries to fight the corrupt system through lots of expositional scenes. It does have its unique take in that this girl is from another, futuristic, dimension controlled by some alien overlords, and I have to admit that there are probably plenty of tween girls that will really get a kick out of this and the other 3 volumes of this series, but I just do not think it has enough going for it to make it anything other than that: a story for a couple of kids that will be forgotten by them all too soon.