Battlestar Galactica: Razor

This is a one off from the main BSG storyline (happening before season four), and as such it doesn't need to be watched to understand the larger plot; however if you don't watch this you are doing yourself a disservice as it has much of the emotional angst, PTS, and feelings of futility that made BSG great when dealing with a show about a mere handful of survivors attempting to survive/gain vengeance on the robots that they once made, enslaved, and who rose up against them in order to commit genocide against humanity. The movie length episode focuses on an officer Shaw  of BS: Pegasus and what she did during the war and its aftermath and how she is dealing with the choices she made--and didn't make. Nice plot and great F/X (with a real shout out to us original BSG TV show fans), this is just another reminder how shocking it is that such an amazing show, capable of producing stories like this, can eventual end so poorly.