Wolverine and the X-Men (vol 1-3 & 5) - Jason Aaron

I recall hearing great things about Aaron's comic, but I might have confused it with something else. I assume this because I have read some very gritty and interesting superhero and non-superhero work of his and this is nothing of the sort. The once upon a time homicidal mutant, Wolverine, has now become the headmaster of a school for mutants, and Aaron has numerous old and new characters for teachers and staff, as well as new students and new rivals. There are fun parts to the title and the occasional interesting storyline; however, there are so many characters that Aaron seems unable to keep track of them all and certainly does not have the time necessary to give them all plots and personalities. I read the first 3 volumes, getting so frustrated with the A vs X cross-over BS of number 3 that I skipped volume 4 and picked up again with 5, not that I felt I really missed much. I think that if I was 15 or so I would enjoy this comic, but I'm not a high school student fantasying how I would like my school to be and I want a comic that can deliver more than just day-to-day backstabbing and cuteness. I had taken out another 2 volumes from the library but I realized I was reading them to kill time and hoping they would get good, rather than for pleasure.