The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson

Actually the Swedish title is really Men Who Hate Woman, but that probably won't sell as well in the US. The first book of the Millennium Series trilogy, tells us about Mikael Blomkvist just after he loses a libel case against a rich and powerful industrialists (go figure, huh?). Mikael strangely gets a job uncovering the truth behind an old disappearance (read: murder). Needing help he is teamed with Lisbeth Salander, a brilliant hacker who has some serious mental issues (my guess is Asperger syndrome although it is never clear). Together they attempt to uncover the mystery. Popular in Europe and the US, both in book and movie forms, it is a shame the author didn't live to truly enjoy his success. I did like the book and thought it a lot of fun. I haven't read the rest of Larsson's work as I hear it isn't as good, but maybe I should judge that myself. I do have a problem with the Lisbeth character--who is central to everything--as she is presented as both completely divorced from reality, oblivious to people's general thoughts and ideas and even seems detached from being sexual assaulted (did I mention this book is not for kids?), and at the same time shown as a genius when it comes to both computers and impersonating character types. I find this too much of a stretch as how can someone who is confused over the idea that most people acknowledge the existence of each other can be so in tune with the every nuance of different cultures and classes as to perfectly portray them? Still, if you aren't as fussy as I am you will see past it.