The World Wars

Another miniseries on the History channel that doesn't suck (I wish that wasn't a surprising statement). The show discusses specific figures that were incredibly prominent on the world stage in the second world war, but the wrinkle is that the show starts by discussing their roles--sometimes rather minor--in the first world war. In this way you get a better sense on how the experiences in one event shaped actions in another and that the two world wars should, for all practical purposes, be considered one continuous conflict. It makes perfect sense, men like Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, Patton, etc. didn't just come into being fully formed. My only problem with the show is that in addition to professional historians who give insight into the events and people, they have interviews with some of the stupidest, most cowardly, politicians of the far right: Dick, Don, and John are hardly the people who can add anything substantive.