Iron Man 3

Finally got around to seeing this rather long movie of the brilliant inventor who made a robotic suit of armor. For the first hour and forty minutes or so I really liked it: Tony Stark is reliving his failures and having panic attacks while an insane super terrorist, the Mandarin (who is originally a Chinese warlord with ten magical rings, but I think this take of him being a front to an international organization is very good), is creating human bombs to strike at the heart of America. Sadly, the last half hour or so makes no sense as Stark is emotionless in the face of horrific events, apparently has had access to CENSORED resources that could have made the entire movie irrelevant if he had used them, and then randomly destroys CENSORED, all the while being very clever with the jokes in the face of bloodshed and suffering. Seriously, I know two people worked on the script, but it seems that one of the guys just took over to write the end without actually knowing anything that came earlier. Listen, we know for a fact that good superhero movies are both possible and popular, so can we just agree to make good movies?