Finder: Talisman - Carla Speed McNeil

Apparently this is a series, although I was unaware of this before reading it (props to Kym for the 411) and I don't think you need to have read anything else to enjoy the book, even if you might gain more having additional insight--for instance the world is a futuristic one, but I never felt that was truly important. The story is a classical tale of writers block, as a girl, Marcie, longs to reconnect to and recreate the stories she heard as a kid. There is much to like here with little inside jokes and references, many explained in the annotations, but I'm still uncertain how I feel. While I thought the story interesting and never really felt critical about character depth or anything like I normally complain about in these blog posts, I can't really say that I want to read more. Perhaps knowing the series better IS an important aspect.