Girl Genius: (Book 10-12) Agatha Heterodyne and the Guardian Muse, Hammerless Bell, & Siege of Mechanicsburg - Phil & Kaja Foglio

To make up for lost time I'm lumping together 3 volumes here to continue with the last volume's review. This is actually much easier to do than it should be, as all the actions continue to take place in one town, usually within the one fortress. Agatha is the heir to the Heterodynes, the mad scientist family that has been both loved and feared throughout Europe. In order to stake her claim (and hold it) she has to fix Mechanicsburg's castle/protector and use it to defeat the array of forces that are gathering to destroy her. I still really enjoy this comic: the great art, vibrant colors, crazy and fun world of mad scientists, what's not to love? However, not only do we have our hero stuck in the same place volume after volume, trying to do the same thing over and over (fix the damn castle), but the authors seem to try to make up for this lack of movement by throwing endless conspiracies and plots within plots to the point of both ludicrousness and making it annoying trying to keep track of it all. I remain a fan, yet feel that something needs to be done to get the true excitement back into the story.