Trail of Cthulhu - Kenneth Hite

This role playing game system is a mix of the Call of Cthulhu horror game with the Gumshoe hard boiled detective game by Robin D Laws. There is a lot to like about this as it both boils down the elements of the Lovecraftian horror to its mysterious and terrible core and simplifies the gaming system in order to get through some of the problems of clue finding that the original CoC RPG has been struggling with for decades (eg, A player looks for the secret passage and fails the what?). On the negative side it does invite some weakness on the playing side as I can see investigators being spoon fed information. There is also a system of sanity verses stability, which is largely how crazy you are verses how crazy you seem, yet one of the points pushed by this system is the emphasis on roleplaying (so why can't you just roleplay if your character is visibly crazy or not?!). I definitely want to try this system out, but a have to say that the organization of the game book is sanity destroying horrible. In the future tell us first how the system works and then talk about the different roles players can take. Thanks to Joe for giving me this game book.