Monster Haiku: The First 100 Strips - Jason Deeble

This is a cute 4 panel series of strips revolving around traditional horror film monsters. The gimmick (for want of a better term) is that the strips are all done in haiku (the Japanese poetic style of 3 lines and 17 syllables). Honestly, I would not have realized this unless told--which I was, but not before thinking: "this wording is a little clunky," which shows you both how literary I am, and how unable I am to read a title). On the positive side of things: I think this is a great idea, Jason does a great job with keeping to his rule without it hurting the jokes, he's a great artists, and I think kids and adults will get a thrill out of his work. Plus he is a super nice guy and very glad I met him at NYCC. To be a little critical I have to say that the book, physically, had some problems. The binding is weak, the printing is too light (the comics all look like they have been left out in the sun or poorly copied), and for your own sake, Jason, put your name on the cover. As to the material, may I suggest that the 4 panels do not seem to give anything that he couldn't do with 3 (which is also the direction I see most strips going in, so if he wants to focus on marketing....). Additionally, I think Jason needs to spend some time fleshing out his characters. They are totally adorable and have their own personalities, but this collection doesn't so much as tell you anyone's names. It may seem like nothing, but mentally thinking, "yeah, that vampire kid character with the awesome hair," can get annoying. So take a look here to see for yourself.  Note that you too can get an awesome hat like this. He has another one of his Rob the Zombie character--yes, he does add names later, just not in this collection--which I actually liked better and looks great on me (I was made to be an undead parasite), but for the love of fish and all things fish monster-y I had to go with this one. Hopefully, I will see him at another convention sometime and get that hat too (and show that picture off to you, my adoring readers).