The show has a good start taking us back to year zero; however, there is no excitement or build up to the death of Batman's--or rather the future Batman's--parents and for a frightened little boy who just lost his parents, his eyes are completely dry. And can we get something to indicate that he will be the world’s greatest detective or, as DC puts it, the world's smartest man? As an aside, when Selena Kyle steals a full carton of milk and then opens it, it needs to be filled with milk and not just have some remnants at the bottom. Also, don’t do stupid things with cameras and think it’s cool, instead focus on making the scenery work: everything is clean-dirty in that there is old paint and graffiti but no actual trash around. Want a fun drinking game? Drink every time someone says detective Gordon's name or mentions how he's like a boy scout. Still, for my complaints the idea of having the background of the world of the Batman sans Batman is a great one despite some problems of knowing who is not going to die, a stupid drill sergeant version of Alfred the butler, and having Detective Gordon (is the rich fiancee needed?) destroy any hope of closure for a little boy for no reason, etc.