Life Sucks - Jessica Abel

Life sucks and so does this comic. I'm extremely disappointed in this as both Abel and publisher, First Second, usually are associated with good work. How did this idea come about?: "If only there was a comic with wimpy vegetarian vampires like Twilight, the minimum wage action of Clerks, and the whinny boy wants girl who is dating a real loser like every 80s movie ever." The story is about Dave who is a vampire forced to work in his master's convenience store, who is totally in love with Rosa, who dates good looking nothings. Other than the vampire angle there is nothing new or interesting here. Why does Dave so love Rosa? Could it be for the same superficial reasons she's guilty of: going for looks? The only parts that could have depth due to conflicts (mainly at the end) are glossed over at best. I much rather read about the repercussions of the actions taken than more of the same boring dialogue of teenagers saying nothing.