Zombies Calling - Faith Erin Hicks

This short graphic novel is packed with potential. Joss is stressing over exams and student loans to the point driving her roommates, the sex obsessed Robyn and goth Sonnet, insane, until a zombie attack changes her focus. Clever in a meta discussion of "the Rules" to surviving a zombie apocalypse a la the movies, this humorous comic could have been fleshed out to be a meaty treat (sorry I had to write that). Sadly, we are given just enough character information to make them start to seem interesting before it is torn away--like so much flesh from bone. I've complained about Hicks' art always making everyone gorgeous, and yes I complain about that in movies/TV too. I really don't see why Hicks doesn't revisit this, double the length, and cash in on the movie rights that are sure to come.