"Welcome home to the end of the world." When I first heard of this film being made I was, naturally for me, very excited, but then I heard nothing good about it and wrote it off. Still, I did look forward to seeing what was done and so when I finally got around to it.... Well, the trouble with the movie about a professor that returns to his home town to attend his mother's funeral only to discover terrible secrets involving ancient cults, murders, and the end of the world (all good things, right? movie-wise that is) is that the story itself is lost. Slow paced and VERY artsy, this film wants to appeal to the fans of Lovecraft's "The Call of Cthulhu," artsy fartsy film buffs, homosexual themed relationship watchers, small town mystery lovers, and Tori Spelling groupies; unfortunately there are not enough of any of those elements to hold the movie together and keep it going. I appreciate the effort.