Frankenstein's Army

Granted, this movie is pretty horrible. A group of Soviet soldiers press into eastern Germany and find monstrosities of men and machines brought to life due to the legacy of Dr. Victor von (hey, it doesn't count as a spoiler if it's in the title!). The film is, well, filmed, in that it presents itself as the footage that the Soviets took during the event, and gives the impression of a first person shooter video game (as do the creatures involved), which I'm pretty positive was the point, either being based on one or wanting to be turned into one--I couldn't be bothered to check. Speaking of the creatures, there were absolutely ridiculous: I get having a person's hands replaced with hammers, but a head replaced with a plane engine?! Seriously, I could go on about how lame this film was, and yet I found it really appealing. There is just something very interesting about the idea and documentary style that I have to give props to. I guess what I'm saying is that for a movie that was bad, it actually had a good spark and a lot of potential.