Wolverine (omnibus vol 1) - Jason Aaron

Continuing with my all things Wolverine/Aaron spree, I read this over 600 page collection of Aaron's work on the mutant superhero former homicidal maniac with the metal claws. I was disappointed. Hundreds of pages of stories and for the majority of it is it just Wolverine getting into fights with someone (usually a villain). You would think with all this time Aaron could have spent some time on character development or a few cool plots, but no. There is a noted exception when Aaron introduces a cliche storyline of madman running the insane asylum, and a silly idea of brains being used to power machines, but I have to say that he continued with the development of the idea and made it grow into a larger story line that actually has some curve balls and even attempted (although it seems to have been aborted) the development of a secondary character that (could have) directly effected the grow of Wolverine. Still, I don't think I'll read the second massive tome.