Wolverine: Logan - Brian K. Vaughan

This comic about an episode in the earlier days of the killer mutant, Wolverine, is good if you don't read it. You see, it take place at the end of WWII in Japan where he is a POW and his quest to find peace in a world at war. Reading it quickly, it seems rather bittersweet, but if you actually think about what is occurring in the comic you start to do things like question "How can X not survive Y but survive Y times a billion? Is this dream magical or simple a dream? How could a relationship based on nothing work forever? What is Vaughan trying to say about his character(s)? etc." I'm vague here to limit spoilers, but this is one of those comics that is created and gotten away with due to star power. So read it, but don't think about it or you'll ruin it like I did.