The Astounding Wolf-Man - Robert Kirkman

Seeing how Cej got the entire 4 volume series I figured I give this a shot. Here's the thing: Millionaire man get attacked by werewolf, becomes werewolf, gets vampire mentor, becomes superhero, falls into conspiracies that disrupt his life, other stuff. All good, except that these plot points, instead of taking place over numerous issues--even volumes--in order to develop characters and make it all mean something, practically happens in a flash. Nothing really has any meaning in the comic because we really have no understanding of why anything is taking place, and I mean that in terms of plot design and character motivation. The cartoony feel of the art and the complete lack of depth would make this a good kids comic, except for the copious amounts of murder. Oh, and the whole vampire/werewolf dynamic appears to be a rip off of White Wolf. Skip it.