My father got the complete television series as a Father's Day gift, and has been forcing our family to watch it with him. It revolves around agent Jack Bauer of the Counter Terrorism Unit out of LA. And I just want to say that if any real government CTU is as understaffed as this one we have already lost to the terrorists. (Blame the GOP for cutting government budget all the time.) All the agents are brilliant, but for no justifiable reason they are constantly infiltrated by criminals and have situations wherein "tens of millions of lives are on the line, let just send one guy to handle the problem" and thus the hundreds of terrorists who are already in our country are constantly, and easily, slipping through dragnets. The show is designed so that every hour long episode takes place over an hour in the show's world and an entire season is 24 hours--thus the name, rather clever I admit. The show itself, unfortunately, is not so clever. Everything is over the top with lots of yelling, running, double crossing, torture, murder (with surprisingly little blood ever), explosions, and constant ridiculous situations--naturally involving terrorists. It is easy to see how people get hooked on the show (they can also get hooked on junk food), although it is largely obvious to me what is about to happen from one moment to the next.