So I won't get too much into the plot of this futuristic Chicago that is divided into five factions (plus the faction-less) in which a young girl gives up her faction to join the (reckless)fearless warriors: the Dauntless. There she discovers herself and her potential but also the horrible truth that she is what is called "divergent" (someone who is not clearly just one faction and thus can't be controlled (and thus a danger to the order)). For more details you can read my review of the book here.  I have to admit this is one of those movies that I liked better than the book, mainly because the book isn't incredibly well written and the film cuts through a lot of the crap. On the down side that does cut out some of the subtlety that does exist (I watched the deleted scenes and a little of it was actually there), but I still think most will be better served by the movie. Little addition: I talked to two of my teenage nieces and they felt the opposite to me in that they liked the book so much better than the film. Not saying they are wrong, but it might be valuable if I could get the mindset of those so different to me, namely different ages and genders. Oh well.