Templar - Jordan Mechner

I thought I wrote up a review for the first part of this book: Solomon's Thieves, but I can't find it, and thus much like where the rumored treasure of the Knights Templar is or the reason the warrior order, so popular in medieval christian Europe at one time, was branded heretical, the mystery might never be explained. I enjoyed this tragic and exciting (and very fictional) tale about a group of Templars who plot to steal back their order's treasure in an attempt to both reform their group and free their imprisoned brothers. The story is begging to be made into a movie and while much of it screams of other heist tales (e.g., Ocean's Eleven), there are climatic moments that, while reminiscent of other films, I don't think have been done and I expect would look beautiful and filled with pathos on the big screen. There are problems of characters that have no background/rhyme or reason, and as cliched as some of this comic is, I truly enjoyed it and was sad to reach the end.