The Dumbest Idea Ever! - Jimmy Gownley

I've liked Gownley's work before and wanted to see what other works he has produced. This one tells the story about how he first (sort of) created a comic: the story, the motivations behind it, where the ideas came from, etc. It is his story about being a star middle schooler who has a bit of an identity crisis, once he move onto high school, and dedicates himself to comics. It is designed for kids to see the value of comics and how it might be a medium for them to express themselves. The trouble with this work is--and I'm starting to feel this may be a bigger problem with Gownley--that the work is all over the place. Let's ignore the fact that he makes himself out to be the coolest person ever, and stick to the general plot, which tends to jump around, making it difficult to realize where (or rather when) I am as a reader. Many of the characters are there for only a second, hinting at backstories that never materialize. Additionally, it seem like all the "difficult" writing: break-ups, deaths, etc. are simply left out. I felt I had a better story from the less than two pages of Author's Note than the entire almost 250 page graphic novel. I really like Gownley's art and his general story ideas, but unless he is able to find an editor that will actually get him to focus, I'm not sure his work is worth it.