Batman (vol. 3): Death of the Family - Scott Snyder

NOTE: This post has been scheduled for a number of weeks, but during that time Mr. Snyder actually read one of my reviews of his work (why does that always surprise me?) and let me say that he handled the criticism with class. It is interactions like these that are useful in reminding us that criticism does not have to be personal, meaning both that reviewers should say what they believe without needless attacks and creators have to accept that not everyone is a fan--and that a reviewer has probably just as much of a chance of being wrong as they do in actually being helpful. We tend to forget, in the cyber world, that there are real people attached to the topics we write about and it is nice to be reminded of this fact. That said, here is my uncensored review that I wrote before Snyder's post. If he reads it, I hope he will continue to see it for what it is. I totally admit it, the fault is my own. I have not enjoyed Snyder's take on the vigilante Batman and yet I keep reading. Maybe I thought his focus on the traditional villain, the insane Joker, would get him to produce an exciting, unique story. Sadly, Snyder fell into a typical Joker trap--no, no, what I mean is he decided he had to make the Joker as evil, twisted, and bad ass as possible to make him interesting, and the results were disappointing. Joker, who never shuts up in this story (to be fair neither does the normally taciturn Batman), is somehow able to pull off a possible triple digit death toll and defeat ever member of the extended bat family without breaking a sweat, all the while imitating early 2000's horror flicks. The results don't have any suspense or any cleaver twists; it is simply bad ass horror for the sake of bad ass horror. I know there will be those that are thrilled with it, but that's why they made dozens of Saw, Friday the 13th, etc. movies. There is nothing here that makes me interested in the characters, just a lot of gruesomeness.