Guardians of the Galaxy

So it takes until mid-August before I see my first movie of 2014. The film focuses on rather unknown characters, centering on the Guardians and the Kree: Ronan The Accuser (don't worry, it gets much more obscure, ever hear of Knowhere?). Peter Quill is Star Lord, or his is after becoming a thief which he becomes after being abducted from Earth as a child, something that leads to a whole lot of 80s references (as that was when he was taken). The Guardians, who are really a bunch of murderers and thieves in the form of a couple of green people, a mutant raccoon, and a tree--rejects all--band together to stop Ronan from destroying, well, the Galaxy. The movie was fun, filled with clever remarks and references, but the fights scenes aren't great and there are a bunch of characters they need to introduce really fast and I not sure how many people got a whole lot from the truncated characterizations, or how many of those people could also get the 80s references. A lot of the movie dealt with the idea of friendship, which is pretty standard, but is often too obvious. In the end, while I had fun, I'm not sure how many others--read: non-Marvel comics fans--will really fully enjoy/get the film (then again, it has made a ton of cash).