The Lego Movie

Granted, if you never were lucky enough to play with Legos as a kid you are not really going to fully get this movie, but if you had you can get quite a kick out of this very ridiculous film. Let's not pretend that this isn't also an advertisement for a toy that once promoted gender-neutral creativity, and has now come to be unfortunately male oriented (something hinted at in the end of the film), and yet I have to admire the clever jokes and silliness of the movie. The plot revolves around Emmet, a nobody important construction worker who can't seem to make any friends, who suddenly learns he is the Special--not special, but THE Special--and is destined to save the world(s) from an evil, corporate, overload (with a little help from (but not limited to) a punk girl, mystical sage, a unicorn cat, and Batman). For a corporation that produces toys that are designed to be built following very specific instructions (which, as a kid, I could never figure out), there is a great message about rejecting conformity and big business, and following your own imagination. Kind of hipster ironic. Let's just say that everything is awesome And for the record, I liked Emmet before it was cool.