Justice League of America (vol. 1): The World's Most Dangerous - Geoff Johns (Matt Kindt & Jeff Lemire)

And so here's The New 52's take on JLA, which, aside from a new line up of B and C  (and even D) listers is largely the same old thing. I thought I might like to see some underused characters take on large threats, but too much of the plot is recycled, there is very little in terms of depth of character (other than name and powers you got almost nothing), hot Amanda Waller is BS, Johns has to have a board room meeting in every one of his comics, and that fact that some of the most important (and perhaps exciting) scenes are in other titles and not reproduced here, makes me give up on following this almost before it begins--and one of the reasons this review is short. So far The New 52 titles have been a real disappointment.