The Good Wife (season 1-4)

Granted, I've only seen about half the episodes of any given season as it is something my folk enjoy and I might simply be in the same room when out on Long Island as they watch the show. It is well done and focuses on Alicia, a former lawyer who took a generation off to raise her kids but is now back on the job after some trouble with her politician husband (think Anthony, Elliot, and Bill). The writing, plotting, and acting is pretty strong as Alicia attempts to get back into the swing of work life at a very successful law firm (a little too successful to take a chance with her after so many years off, but whatever, it's all who you know). My problems with the show are numerous. Everyone's beautiful as is natural in the entertainment world and if you ever see a real trail on TV you realize how fake TV dramas' versions are, but my real issue is that I think just about ever character in the show is an utter scumbag. Everyone is lying and cheating and manipulating while making money I could never dream of, but somehow we are sympathetic to them because we too undergo some of their problems (like failed relationships) and we can like them as they occasionally do pro bono work (as if it wasn't incredibly self serving).