Batman Incorporated (vol. 1-2): Demon Star & Gotham's Most Wanted - Grant Morrison & Chris Burnham

Ug, more from the "new 52" to disappoint. What a sloppy comic that introduces us to this idea that the crime fighter, Batman, is using his money and influence to assemble a world wide network of people who work for Batman to solve crime and protect the innocent, only that doesn't work out very well and the daughter of a villain (and former lover of the Batman) seeks vengeance through the use of the son they had together. Explosions, action, betrayal, pain and suffering, people die, aargh, oh wow, etc., but there are so many characters in this story who I both do not know anything about or care about in the slightest, action that is motivated by stuff I am vaguely told about, and plot that is just F/X on a still page. So, what I'm saying is that while Morrison is considered a god to so many, I find nothing redeeming about this comic as there is really nothing here. "A tale told by an idiot..."