As I wait for season four I urge you all to check out this television show about a US Marshall who, after killing a mobster in Florida (he claims the murder was "justified"), is sent back home to Kentucky. Here, he picks up his Marshall duties and we learn about his world. The show is funny and gripping as we are introduced to a part of the country I'd like to avoid. We see a cornucopia of racists/nazis involved in drugs and other crimes, various intrigues of criminal groups, and the work the US Marshall organization attempts. Our main character, Raylan, deals with a complicated love-life and an even more complicated family dynamic (his dad is a notorious criminal). My only complaint is that too many of the characters are model attractive (junkie hookers don't have that type of body or that many teeth and Raylan gets with another one every season)--although it makes a nice contrast for the ones that capture the redneck look. I'm currently waiting for season 6 and this show is still pretty strong.