Ender's Game

Poorly acted, and a poorly directed/written script for the film version of this book (which was written by a bit of a homophobic nut, so there's that) makes it so that it just doesn't work. For a sci/fi movie about a genius kid who is taught command armies so he may fight off a second alien invasion, there is very little in terms of impressive battles, F/X, or much of anything interesting. To make matters worse, if I hadn't read the book I'm not sure I would follow all that was going on--in terms of what character's were doing and why. The first hour had at least 15 minutes that could have been cut and I'm thinking that those who know the story might just want to jump to the end 1/3rd. Better still, skip the whole thing. Apparently, while I reviewed the sequel some four years ago, I never did a write up for Orson Scott Card's original Ender's Game... sorry.