Gunnerkrigg Court vol 4: Materia – Thomas Siddell

Finally get to add to my prior post on Gunnerkrigg Court with this fourth collection to an amazing web comic series. I explained the premise behind this wonderful comic in the original post, so I don't want to rehash here, and only wish to say that the story is still coming along nicely and I feel more confident that there is a complete story being worked on--which was my only real concern. I will say that there is a lot of sexual activity that is hinted at in this volume which might make it a bit much for some of the really young readers (in other words, I no longer feel comfortable promoting the title to my nieces), and I am concerned that too many characters are falling in love with their soul mates and pairing up into couple that will be together forever, which, if memory serves, is EXACTLY how high-school works (and let's face it, it's really a tale about high-schoolers, and the generation's prior high-schoolers (perhaps one of my most hated plot devices, because we all went to high school with the children of people who went to that high school, and who also coupled up, really!?)). If Siddell get's back to the main story by cutting down on this romance element some, I think all will be well.