The Harlem Hellfighters - Max Brooks

I heard that the very smart son of the famous (and also very smart) comedian wrote a comic to celebrate the achievements of the most decorated group of Americans of WWI--just in time for the anniversary of that terrible event--who just so happen to be a group of black soldiers: segregated, set-up to fail, and discriminated against, despite their dedication to helping our country. I was sure that Brooks would do a good job. This title, with art by Caanan White, was incredibly disappointing. The story would have been much better served to simply recount events rather than fictionalize them as the reality is amazing and the fictionalizing does nothing. Brooks presents absolutely no characters or personalities of any sort and White's illustrations are horrible in that the b/w run together making the images difficult to see and filled with gratuitous violence (and yes, I am very aware it is a war story). This should have been a cake walk to produce a great graphic novel on such a topic; it feels like it actually took effort to produce such a poor work.