Orphan Black

What a role of a lifetime. Tatiana Maslany plays a woman who is a series of clones, that is she gets to play (so far about) a dozen different personalities that all look just like her, well, with cosmetic differences. The show is rather over the top in its ridiculousness, with clones from all different walks of life getting caught up in various conspiracies of cut-throat groups trying to unravel the secrets of the cloning process (and more), but that is part of the fun. While it is annoying that the clones are so much more capable than, well, just about everyone else, what really disturbs me is the idea that one of the clones is a lesbian. The inadvertent implication behind this is that homosexuality is determined by one's upbringing, since, after all, the clones are all biologically the same, but all have unique upbringings. Therefore, narrow minded homophobes might be correct when they say that a gay couple will produce a gay child, or that gays might influence straits, or that a gay person can be made straight. I realize that this is far beyond what the creators were thinking, but I do want to point out the dangers of sloppy writing.