When I first started watching this show about Ragnar Lothbrok, a famous Viking (that means Norseman who raids (that means plunder, rape, and kill)), I greatly enjoyed it. It was bloody, brutal, and had epic fight scenes, so I overlooked the lapses in historical accuracies to just enjoy the insanity. Unfortunately, the show has shifted into foolish soap opera nonsense with silly plots within sillier plots mainly revolving around people being mad at each other for not being nice to them. As the show continues, the passage of time seems to mean nothing, as not only do some people not age, but they actually lose grey hair, while others seamlessly abandon lifelong dedications, and we all forget about the various murders, rapes, slavery, torture, and other unspeakable acts because the writers want us to like the characters rather than make them real. Viking "culture" and exploration is amazing and it is a shame the show doesn't remain focused.