Daredevil (vol 6-7): Lowlife & Hardcore - Brian Michael Bendis

Thank goodness these collections of stories about the blind but super-powered vigilante had lots of boring talking and very little action or it might have been a shock to my system. I was glad to see Bendis use such D list villain like the Owl and Typhoid Mary, but so little happens in his stories it is killing me. Ok, volume 7 was a little better as there were fight scenes to break up the pages of conversation (even if people would never speak like that), but why does Bullseye have to look like the crappy movie version of the character and wasn't the Kingpin blind a minute ago? Why does he look like the fat Brando? Why does the art radically change in issue #50? Why does it take 4 trades to tell a story that would be long winded in 3?