The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

[No, I don't know why there are different font sizes here.] This review is really for people that have seen/read at least the first installment of the movies/books. You can look at my first movie review or jump to my review of the trilogy in order to get you started, but the end result is that I just saw the second movie of the Hunger Games series of the same name and did enjoy it--but with the same problems as before. As mentioned, the book has some difficulties packing in so much history and conspiracy as well as character development for people who, for the most part, are as DOA; movies, naturally have an even harder time of that, and I didn't really get how anyone who didn't read the books would understand or enjoy the movie when there are so many gaps to fill. Also as mentioned, I enjoyed it because (besides the F/X and other nice visuals and pretty good acting) I could fill in the pieces (even if it has been years since reading it).