Man of Steel

Fighting Jesus takes on Battlestar Galactica with guest appearances from some of The Matrix and HBO shows' cast members. Ok, not really, but this movie of the last son of a dying world that comes here to help us all with super powers has too many spaceship and fighting random guys in battle suits and weird camera actions from BSG to really be called its own movie. I don't see why this couldn't have been a better movie with some more focus (heck, a remake of the original Superman II might have served better). I will give you that Superman talks and looks a lot like how I would imagine, although Lois... (to be polite) doesn't. I "like" how Jor-el, a scientists, seems to be able to take down military men in combat pretty easily, or how Pa Kent suggests that maybe children should die to protect his son's secret. Clark seems pretty capable of forging documents that fool the government, and considering that there is at least a half hour of unnecessary film here, they might have wanted to explain that one, but whatever, seeing that there are so many jumpy points to the film, it might be that they had already cut an hour out. The end result is that for all its action and fighting, the movie is long, slow, and extremely limited in character development. Zack Synder and David S. Goyer really need to be beaten to death by fan boys in the name of truth, justice, and the American way.