Divergent - Veronica Roth

I accidentally published this when I was considering reviewing the entire series so here you go: Divergent, the first in the titular series introduces us a futuristic Chicago wherein society is broken down into 6 castes: The selfless Abnegation who run the government due to their incorruptible giving nature, the peaceful Amity farmers, the truth dedicated Candor, the scholarly Erudite, and those obsessed with overcoming fear who make up the Dauntless, and then there are the outcaste faction-less; while you are allowed to pick your caste (which are called factions) upon adulthood, and a few change from birth faction--and some do not survive initiation. Beatrice is an Abnegation who joins the Dauntless and struggles to find the inner strength necessary to overcome her fears, but all that is secondary to the terrifying discoveries she starts to find. I wasn't too thrilled with this one and often thought about giving up on it. Too much dedicated to stupidity fronting as bravery (jumping from a moving train is not brave (what about the old, very young, handicapped, etc etc are they simply not brave?! Oh, wait, they simply don't exist in this book.) and neither is getting a tattoo or belly ring (apparently being a trendy looser is brave and I'm convinced Roth has no tattoos or she would have taken the opportunity to have her characters talk about the pain of the needle but being glad they went through with it etc, but then again I'm expecting halfway decent writing.)) and little beyond cliched romance. Still, the last few dozen pages did provide some excitement if not depth so I'm tempted to keep going and see if my old age is keeping me from "getting it."