Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

After years of popularity on The Daily Show and a successful summer of filling in as host, Oliver has his own show. Ah, I remember first seeing him and his cute British accent taking part in a Civil War reenactment whereupon he fell and broke his nose; yep, you've come a long way baby--or has he? This new news show recaps the week's events in the same comedic style as The Daily Show but it is just him and thus lacks for any back-and-forth banter or diversity in style. After a month of watching I'm not sure how impressed I am (yes I am, not very), especially since this isn't basic cable and the show could go bat sh!t crazy. UPDATE: So now I've watched many of the 24 shows of his first season and I have to retract my earlier statement. John Oliver has gone pretty bat sh!t crazy and when he does it really work. Yes, it does lack interaction and he stumbles now and again, but it is good to see some actual intelligent reporting on the air that isn't afraid to express itself and get critical.