Other Lives - Peter Bagge

This short work is quite a fascinating attempt to discus and explore the idea that we rarely--if ever--know the truth about people. Whether it is fake identities we make for ourselves online or how we project images of ourselves to those around us (consciously or not), the truth is often elusive. However, Bagge's work doesn't quite measure up. His oddball art style is wonderful for his wilder comics, but fails for the seriousness of this topic. It also is somewhat misleading in that the story begins with the impression that it is about a post 9-11 world and quickly abandons that idea (maybe that was the point, but since I'm uncertain, I'd call it a negative). Finally, there was so much going on here that I felt I was overwhelmed with the depth of characterization--wow, how often do I claim that?! While I feel the book doesn't really work in the end, I must say it is a really powerful idea and I commend Bagge for the effort.